Apologies for not posting…I was kidnapped by Gypsy Rose Studios

I have not been able to enjoy the diving world very much recently as my newest venture Gypsy Rose Studios has kidnapped me from most things that bring me pleasure in life, including diving.  I have 3 shows a week, etsy and a few boutiques that are featuring my work and designs including my store Scentsations.  Not too bad at the present time due to the terrible dive conditions lately.

So updated shore diving conditions for Central East Florida Cast

Fort Pierce aka Pepper Park and North Jetty:  You are looking at 2-3 feet tomorrow, 3-5 feet Thursday and Friday and 4-9 feet thru Sunday.  Winds are running offshore at 4-9 mph.  Looks like crapola to me!  It is going to calm down early next week and winds will flip to onshore and calm down as well.  I had some reports from some local Vero Beach friends and they said it was a mess this weekend.  Some boat divers in 65ish feet of water at night bugging said that it was terrible down 50 feet but when they cleared that they could see as far as the torch would shine at night.  I will also state that there are many reports of shark sightings.  be careful, be safe, take your dive knife and if you have a close encounter remember a good punch in the face will drive them away.  If you have an arm left after.

For Vero Beach, Wabasso, Rio Mar area  it looks worse than Pepper Park/Fort Piecre above.  Winds stronger, water with a higher swell.

Further South/Lauderdale by the Sea area:

Looks so much nicer.  flat to 1 foot swells out till 6pm Friday.  4-10 mph winds that are flipping between North and offshore depending on time of day.  Sat and Sunday 1-2 foot but much stronger winds of 10-16mph.  Is looking mighty fine 9/10-9/12 and I do believe I may sneak away for a little anniversary break!

BHB (Blue heron Bridge) cautions:

I have been told that BHB is pretty much off limits unless you are feeling VERY confident in your vaccines! Apparently there is some overflow issues in a late there from septic tanks and storm water drains that is overflowing into the same watersource that goes into BHB.  Prepare your next trip there with caution and check the alerts.  As this is a state park I am sure there must be some postings on this with the State.  Water was reported dirty and I don;t know about you but I am not into swimming in a big septic tank.

So be safe out there!  If you are a surfer, week looks great for you here in South Brevard County and Indian River County!


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