Upcoming shore diving forecasts for East Florida

Ok, fellow shore divers, do you want the good news or the bad?

It was gorgeous this weekend at the beach from Fort Pierce all the way up to Cape canaveral, if you love surfing!  Nice day, big swells and extremely choppy.  Got to sit down Friday night in South Fort Pierce and then again Saturday in Cape Canaveral.  Cocktails and company were fabulous, shore diving looks like crap however.  Huge tumble drier rolling waves, Saturday, huge swells and brown murky water.

I have had a look out until 9/19 and it looks bad for Brevard county, Indian River County and Martin County on the East Coast.  I am due for a viz and think I will put the tanks in for that checkup.  Various 3-7 feet swells until Sunday, it is going to calm down slightly Monday and Wednesday next week but after all this murk we are gonna need a couple days of quiet in Central Florida.  I am sure the bugs are growing big and tasty while we all watch from shore.

A little further south in Lauderdale by the Sea area we have calmer waters for sure for shore diving enthusiasts.  Today and tomorrow look good it is gonna swell up thru Friday and flatten out again early next week to 1 foot swells.

I have met some fabulous local divers with and without boats here.  The question seems to be, do I like to go out on the boat and dive.  YES!  Howevere due to work restriction and plitting myself in half most of the time to meet all my requirements I am preferring shore diving.  I do indeed go in with some friends and split coast for boat diving.  The thing around here is that most of the great shore diving sites are off where I shore dive regularly.  You have to take the boat down into Fort Pierce jetty area and back out again.  It is costing $150-$200 for gas to end up back where I shore dive anyway.

If you want to join me, just message me or if you want me to join you, message me about when you are going out on boat.

Also I have talked with several new found friends and I can;t help but follow up this post later with some shore diving safety tips.

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