Ok, I have to say right from the get go that today’s musings really aren’t about diving, so if you are looking for a dive report, creature feature, Barry the Barracuda or viz report…I am sorry.  It is about finding more time to dive.

Instead, this is a posting about FREEDOM.  This week I closed my store after some careful thought, talks and soul searching with my soul mate and hubby Rich.  I have been a slave to retail for a very long time.  Just about 18 years.  I have given up time, holidays, vacations and my sanity investing in the store.  It was a dream that we shared bjt it was losing money daily.  It was a dream that I enjoyed sharing with my husband once upon a time.  Thankfully, I never missed my son’s football games for work but I have had a heck of time juggling all that life demands.  I AM DONE sacrificing my sanity for a store in a mall.  I AM DONE not being able to find time to dive in 3 months.  I am done working so hard, that life passes me by. I AM DONE being the gerbil on the spin wheel.

I am done not having enough of me left at the end of the day to hear my husband or my son.

I did a storewide clearance in 4 days.  I met many people over those 4 days, that is what happens when you do 50-75% off storewide.  I laughed, I cried by myself and I hope that some of those I came across were a little inspired to live life and not conform.  people asked, are you really closing?  Why?  My answers over 4 days got funnier and funnier as time went along.My answers to them:

1.  I am retiring…sounds so much more glamorous than I am closing my store.

2.  I am going to be a missionary in Ethiopia.

3.  I decided I want to have another child…really at 45, not me!

4.  I am traveling in Central America

5.  I have made so much money, it is time to quit – who closes a store when they are killing it going to the bank every day.

6.  I want to dive more and open a dive resort some day.

My inspirations for change was both my mom and a fellow blogger Leslie from Bucket List Publications.  My Mom worked all of here life and had to retire a year early before she went postal at age 64.  She worked so hard to enjoy her retirement.  I do not want to wait to live until I am 64.  Leslie is a blogger I found who decided to live life as well to it’s fullest with the one you love.  She also helps others connect with their dreams.  If they can do it, I can make a change.

I have dreams, BIG dreams still.  They just aren’t in retail.  I love diving, every minute of it, every time.  I am going to become a divemaster –  some day and I am going to find time to do what I love.  I want to open a little dive resort somewhere doing what I love and sharing with those that want, that love of all the mysteries, wonders and fears that the sea holds for me.

For now, I am still molding my newest company Gypsy Rose Studios into what she can become.  But I am taking it to the people, traveling like a Gypsy does selling her wares.  I am also enjoying my family.  I went grocery shopping and spent $200 just on things I want to cook.  I bought bacon, eggs, biscuits and sausage for breakfast for everyone.  I went out tonight and got an ice cream with my 18 year old big son at the corner gas station.

I am tired, have a sinus cold and aches all over from moving.  I broke my toe yesterday and sprained an ankle when my old legs couldn’t keep up with me but I am ALIVE for the first time in a long time and life is good.  It will be even better tomorrow.  Did I work today, you bet! Probably about 8 hours but it was right next to Rich, not an hour away.  It was on my patio while having coffee in the am and a private stock and coke in the late afternoon.

You know a funny thing, my son asked me what was I going to do now that I am semi retired?  Too flippin funny.  In his mind working from home and on the road only about 30 hours a week is semi retired.

So, I am going to find more time to dive, more time to be with my family, more time to blog and more time to dream.  Live your life folks, we do not have to be slaves to society and all the trappings that come with it.  Declutter, and live with what you need is my new motto.

Thanks for looking at my ramblings, tomorrow is a new day and I look forward to a new Creature feature search.

BTW, diving is still crap here locally with 12-18 foot seas for Saturday but I did look today at viz info for the first time in over a week.  And I will watch every day for the first sign of calm seas.  Then I am in the water.

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