Where’s Danielle???

Sorry for my fellow divers.  I have been a fish out of water.  As many of my friends know I hate the cold water and the conditions locally have been abysmal for shore diving.  I did have plans to go diving yesterday as the water looked the best I had seen it while down at Mulligan’s in Vero Beach on Thursday.  But work prevails.

I have left the corporate world and now am on the creative road selling handmade organic jewelry and hair accessories.  Fabulous thing is I sell lots, bad part of that is I have to remake all the time.

Anyway….I have debuted a new sealife inspired line of hair accessories all from local shells, sand dollars from Hutchinson island and starfish.

You can find me (or Rich) every Saturday At Jazz Market in Fort Pierce and every Sunday in Celebration.  This weekend we re splitting up and I will be at Grant Seafood Festival.

I have a new line of organic real orchid necklaces all from real orchids that I grow.  Check outthe pics.  I do them so you can wear them as a necklace but I add a clip feature so you can also wear the orchid in your hair or as a pin.  They are all natural, earth friendly, vegan friendly and sustainable.  Meaning I am not destroying any part of the Earth, instead taking what Mother Nature gives us naturally and transforming it into works of art you can wear!

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