Ok, so I have been like a fish out of water since October. Too much work and not enough play, so that as one of my New year’s resolutions broken.
I apologize for the length of time between post but good news is I am back!
I am heading to Lauderdale by the sea again Mon thru Weds or Thurs to get some shore dives in.
Thanks goes out to Gaylin & Jim from Deep Six for expediting the Viz on my tanks. I literally dropped them off Thurs afternoon and the pushed them through for the next morning. That is some serious customer service and one of the reasons why they are one of my Florida LDS choices.
Also a big thanks to Brian from Gold Coast who says it is looking to be super flat Monday. Tues may be a little choppy but I think we can handle it and if not drinks by the pool will be almost as good.
So, no lobsters this time as season is over but I look forward to some serious float time in the nurseries. Look for some reports and perhaps some photos if I can uncover my camera.

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1 Response to Fishy…Fishy…

  1. bvickery1974 says:

    Beautiful. I am not dead, just had a lot of medical stuff go down again. Back to saving up for what I need. On the bright side, if no sudden expenses come up, mid July I should have my BP/W. And after refresher, hoping to be able to travel to dive some!

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