Update on lemon sharks.

I have been in Michigan for most of the summer working…no diving.  I came back to loads of comments and queries.  here is an update on the Lemon Shark situtaion.  If you feel strongly about protecting them, please read.

Hey there Danielle – I came across your blog in my research on the lemon shark fishery. Just in case you haven’t heard, NOAA is planning to move the open season on lemon sharks to Jan 1 — right as the aggregation begins. NOAA is taking comments on this ruling, so if you feel moved, please tell NOAA to keep the opening date in July – when the sharks are not reproducing and are not all grouped in one geographic area. SharkSavers, who you mention in your blog, is very active in this campaign.

See some info from SharkSavers, with data, here:

Please protect our sharks!

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2 Responses to Update on lemon sharks.

  1. j says:

    I just dove Jupiter 12/30/2013 and had the good fortune to interact with 5 lemon sharks. The person I was diving with knows the majority of people who have licenses to fish for them. I learned that as soon as the season begins they simply go out to the very well known location of the sharks and drag them up on electric reels. They are required by law to bring the entire shark back to port but once there the fins are cut off and the rest of the shark discarded.

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