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Latest east Florida shore local conditions(updated 8/29/25)
Lauderdale by the Sea- good references for dive conditions

My name is Danielle and I am married to Richard. Both of us in our fabulous forties…young enough to have fun and old enough to know better.

When we started to dive, we found it hard to find information conveniently to answer our scuba questions. Where to dive, what to use, what did we just see, what dive shop to use were just a few of our questions. My goal is to make it easier for other divers to expand their horizons and also to develop a network of people who love to dive in Florida, around Florida and also love shore diving.
RichardBig B with dinber!

The other motivating factor for me is to help educate people around me to be more conscientious of how they have an impact on our oceans and everything that lives there. Our oceans hide an incredible amount of uncharted territory and treasures. I boycott buying BP gas for the atrocious negligent spill that took place off our coastlines. It is my small way to make them more accountable for their actions. I collect fishing line when I find it in the water to help keep the turtles safe. I also take out plastic, bottle, trash and other things I find on my dives. This year I am committed to do my first shore cleanup dive.

I am looking to purchase another set of fins. be sure to look at my reviews and posts as I “rent” a pair of my top picks.
I also reached out on Scubaboard and had TN traveler write me:
Bob Evans was on Scuba Radio on Saturday and made an offer of 50% off any Force Fins if you call and say “I Love Scuba Radio” – and it includes the standard 30 day return for full refund offer. Offer good this week only.

I think you will find that Force Fins will solve you problem. For $250 you can get the Tan Delta Flying Force Fins – absolutely one of the best fins out there.

For 2011 I have several Florida diving goals: I want to see the Goliath Grouper mating season and the spawning of the coral so watch for writeups as I learn more. I also want to purchase another steel tank and I have been hint, hint, hinting about an underwater video camera. I also want to do a reef aware class and do a freediving class. Why the interest in freediving? I have heard it helps with air consumption. Plus I am interested in the whole videography and photo side of it and this great viewer Ken sent me a link to a south Florida freedive he did and videoed. Check out this link! Pretty cool. Thanks Ken, this is what this blog is all about, broadening horizons and stimulating interest in our oceans.

Internationally, I am wanting to to do the ABC islands soon. Abaco, BonAir and Curacao. Hubby is all about this so we are watching and researching. Like the idea of unlimited shore diving! We have been seeing some $100 flights out of Miami.

Check out some of my favorite links here, above in menu or on the side.
I post the dive conditions weekly if I am diving that week. Check the quick link at top of page. I am working on a comprehensive shore dive site analysis for the east coast of Florida. I am also learning how to catch my own dinner and will be posting recipes soon.

My favorite posts
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Vero Beach Shore diving report #1
Sea Fan Disease – Aspergillosis of sea fan corals

So once again welcome, stay a while, make a comment or two and PLEASE let me know if there is a dive site you would personally recommend or a dive boat experience that runs 6 packs and is not a cattle boat.


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