Creature Feature

Welcome to my new CREATURE FEATURE section. Here is where I will feature rightups on some unique, different, controversial and sometimes just plain ordinary creatures we may overlook while diving.
I will attempt to share some fun facts, rate on the tasteometer if applicable and share some photos, videos and possible recipes with you.

Below you will find a sampling of all creatures I have recently been interested in. The newest will be on the top for those of you who check back often!

French Angelfish
Green Sea Turtle
Sharptail Eel
Leatherback Turtle
Fire Worm
Florida Spiny Lobster – Reproduction
Sand Gulf Flounder
Sea Cucumber
Florida Lobster Facts
Catching the ever so tasty Florida Lobster
Holy Angel Shark
How to cook and kill a lionfish
Lionfish Characteristics
Lemon Sharks
Coral Spawning
Nurse Shark
Let’s talk sharks!
Blacktip Shark
Goliath Grouper mating season starts
Types of sea turtles found

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