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Great to get a few dives in again!

A couple of weeks ago I actually got a few days to head down to Lauderdale by the Sea to get some much needed shore dives in. First time in the deep blue for about 6 months due to work … Continue reading

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Lemon Shark Aggregation in Jupiter, Florida

Every year from January to mid April, lemon sharks meet and aggregate along the Eastern Coast of Florida.  Lemon sharks grow up to 13 feet long and average approximately 10 feet.  They are found in the shallower waters of the … Continue reading

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Dare I discuss solo diving?

The more I shore dive, the more this topic peaks my interest.  I dive many spots repeatedly up and the down the East Coast of Florida.  I would venture to say that I probably know Lauderdale by the Sea like … Continue reading

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Does it have to be night for low viz?

This week I was headed to an article by a fellow Vero beach Diver Paul.  I have cut and pasted it below from http://www.tdisdi.com/wpsite/2012/10/does-it-have-to-be-night-for-low-visibility-dives/#.UHWgN8i-Ldo.facebook.   It is a good read and should be considered by all divers especially with the … Continue reading

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Clear Viz alerts

I have been out of the water for a week or so but have been getting some emails asking for viz reports. update….Saturday(8/18) is stormy, thunderstorms and very wet! update 8/20 winds and water will be chopping up late Friday … Continue reading

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Creature Feature – Brittle Stars

When I was in Lauderdale by the Sea shore diving for Bugfest 2012 recently, I noticed lots of little spiky legs sticking out from hidey holes.  Hubby Rich flipped over a rock and found one hiding beneath.  I was a … Continue reading

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Bugfest photos

I know it has been a couple weeks but with lobster season started and a couple new work ventures on the go, it has been difficult to find time to get online and to edit and crop photos.  I will … Continue reading

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Chumming & Spearfishing = Great White off Fort Pierce

Whenever you hear Great White, terror is struck to your inner core as a diver.  We all think Jaws.  Well this weekend in FORT PIERCE a group of freedivers participating in a spearfishing tourny spotted a great white.  With mini … Continue reading

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Plenty of water everywhere but still dehydrated after diving?

I have been reading some rather interesting articles lately about dehydration and the effects on a diver.  With lobster season almost upon us and the Florida shore dive season in full swing, I thought we should visit the topic of … Continue reading

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Dive Odyssey, Fort Pierce

I am looking to do some shore dives this Weds, Friday and Saturday locally in Fort Pierce in between a few shows for Gypsy Rose Wraps. I use Deep Six in Vero but it is kinda far to top tanks … Continue reading

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