Weather conditions & Beach Cams

I always get people asking how we make decisions on where and when to dive.

Here you will find some quick links that I use for dive conditions. I find the surf and swell reports extremely beneficial for shore diving.  Also, don’t hesitate to call your LDS, they talk to divers everyday.  I know Gold Coast in LBTS will give you updates all the time. Video cams are great and I also recommend getting hooked up with your dive buddies on texting conditions. We can’t be everywhere are once but it is nice to take a “sick day” every now and then at a spur of the moment.

I searched all over the internet and added sites as I came across.  I generally shore dive Vero down to Dania Beach regularly.

  • I use Magic Seaweed daily
  • I use daily. Good source for divers and surfers. Many of my yak dive friends use it.
  •  is also good and was recommended from Gold Coast Scuba. You can see it in my links on previous posts.
  • was spotted on another blog sinkfloridasink. I search daily for new things to add and liked one of his posts. I apologize for cutting and pasting his list until I could get time to rearrange. Please feel free to use this list and reference if you want.

  • Another great source for divers and surfers is

Beach Cams – not my fault if you get in trouble from the boss!

2 Responses to Weather conditions & Beach Cams

  1. Stacey says:

    Hi- I live in Vero Beach, I used to live in Englewood. Our Vero Beaches have no sharks teeth, do you know or recommend any beaches on the east coast for shark teeth hunting?

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