Where is Danielle????

I have been in the weird working world for the last 9 months.  Came back from Michigan to a full art show circuit in Florida.  Now will be heading to Michigan again for summer show circuit.  I will hopefully get some dives in shortly.

Drugs suck my friends.  I have had some family issues with my son who is hopefully on the way to being a better person.  My dive equipment was stolen and pawned at least 4 times.  My laptop taken as well. Thankfully I have all the dive stuff back.  Well most of it.  No dive lights, no camera. No wetsuits. 

So, I apologize for the lack of posts.  I hope we are on to better times.  Look for some sites I want to check out.  I will be diving in Michigan for stones. Petsokey, Leeland Blue and even agate.  Kind of a new thing for me.   

Diving frees me.  From life, from the poop that happens in life, and from myself.  Heres to some free time.  fingers crossed.



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2 Responses to Where is Danielle????

  1. If your ever in South Florida feel free to give us a call (ask to speak with Thomas), we would love to take you out for a dive. We’ve got equipment, sorry to hear about the issues and I hope things are getting better. Were out of West Palm Beach!

  2. Thanks. I am back. Thankfully after 5 months. My kid is Roxie free. Has a great girlfriend abd u s never looking back at Florida. We should be diving again soon

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