Barry the Barracudu – Smoking Barrel found – is it start of Zombie Apocalypse?

Barry the Barracuda

Barry the Barracuda reporting in again my dive friends. A couple of days ago I was cruising off shore looking for my next meal, when this barrel went floating by. I thought rum or Hoffa? And my thoughts went back to dinner.

The barrel landed on Hollywood Beach, in Florida. Apparently the drum was sitting in a pool of water and when taken out there was a minor explosion. It put off some sort of white powder….mmmm??? We are close to Miami.
Anyway, they closed down A1A. Later, a stretch of A1A along Hollywood Beach was opened Monday evening after a mysterious drum that was smoking and detonating was neutralized and moved from the road. According to Hollywood Fire-Rescue Division Chief Mark Steele, a 55-gallon drum washed up on Hollywood Beach Sunday.

Anyway they removed it to a waste management. It was taken to a city public works facility at 1112 North Ocean Drive in Hollywood where it started to emit vapors while the drum was being transported.

According to the Hollywood Fire Rescue and Beach Safety Department Hazardous Materials Team, the drum contained sodium perchlorate. Not Hoffa, not rum, not cocaine. The substance is often used in medical laboratories as a nonreactive electrolyte. It can cause skin burns and respiratory problems.
Then I hear one of the local high schools(MacArthur) lets out because teacher and students complain on rash or bite marks. Sounds like a snow day…erghh I mean beach day. Or is this a big coverup? Was Jimmy Hoffa in that barrel or perhaps they kept the rum all to themselves.

Is Florida the start of the Zombie Apocalypse? Time will tell. If you are as worried about killer Zombies as me, here is a link to the CDC website on Zombie preparedness.

Barry the Barracuda out

Until next time, Barry the Barracuda says “Just remember humans, don’t get caught with the smoking barrel and if you see a Zombie, cut off his head!”

***The views, opinions and thoughts expressed here by Barry the Barracuda do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or thoughts of Danielle’s Dives or any of it’s affiliates. This post is strictly for entertainment purposes.”

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