Dive Odyssey, Fort Pierce

I am looking to do some shore dives this Weds, Friday and Saturday locally in Fort Pierce in between a few shows for Gypsy Rose Wraps. I use Deep Six in Vero but it is kinda far to top tanks when in Fort Pierce. My thoughts are to find a Fort Pierce dive shop. So I did a little search and found a new dive shop and am going to go check them out.
Dive Odyssea is located at 621 N 2nd Street Fort Pierce, Florida.
They say they are a full service dive shop at the Fort Pierce Inlet. Your guide to the best hunting grounds in South Florida, Spearfish, Hunt Lobster, or come see the Wrecks with us.  Sightseeing also available.
Fill cards are 20 for $80 and 50 for $200. They are open on the Fourth until 2pm at least they say so we can top tanks. So stay tuned later for a full writeup on them, but I thought you all might like to know with the good dive conditions predicted locally, that there is another place for tank fills when you dive Pepper Park.
If anybody has any comments, hit me up and let me know the good, the bad and yes even the ugly!

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2 Responses to Dive Odyssey, Fort Pierce

  1. Rob says:

    I went for a beach dive Saturday July 7, we went to pepper park first at 10:30 a.m. and the visability was good 15-20 ft. Lots of small reef fish to be seen on the reef, it was a great dive and we actually went to pepper park based on the info you posted this week. Thanks! We also went for a second dive directly afterwards at round island and found the visability to be much lower, about 7ft. So it seems your info was accurate, if visability is low head south. I really appreciate what you do, its nice to have updated information to work off of because its about an hour and a half drive for us to get to ft. Pierce and with the info you posted this week it made our decision to go diving Saturday very easy. Thanks for everything.

    • great! glad I could help. While I work in Vero I live an hour north so conditions are important. We dove Wabasso the 4th, it was nice. plans were to dive again but I was pretty tired from working so much and just hung out at beach local in Cape Canaveral and recharged the batteries.

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